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Municipality of Elbasan Municipality of Elbasan

Albania Albania
Contact person: Mrs. Diamanta Vito
Bashkia Elbasan
Rruga  “11 Nentori”
Sheshi “Aqif Pasha”
Elbasan - Albania

Mob: ++ 355 69 2054622
Tel: ++ 355 545 3416
Fax: ++ 355 545 2246
E-mail: diamantavito@yahoo.com; bashkiaelbasan@yahoo.com
Website: www.elbasani.gov.al
The Municipality of Elbasan is the local government institution.  Its  mission is to ensure that decision-making occurs as close to citizens as possible through recognition of diversity among its citizens and values, respect for freedom and fundamental rights, provision of quality municipality services to citizens, implementation of Municipality functions and responsibilities, and encouragement of community participation in local decision-making.  It provides citizens with public services including waste collection, public transportation, and sewage; infrastructure development; and social and health services.  

The Municipality is working to develop a City Development Strategy, with emphasis on urban planning, and economic development.
Elbasan (population 125,000) is located in the canter of Albania, with highway connections to all regions and major cities of Albania.  It is one of the largest cities along the international Corridor 8 Highway and is well-positioned to play an active role in the ongoing development of Albania’s market economy.